Where It All Started

A little more than 7 years ago a young man sat at a small deck in his home as his wife and 2 children watched TV in the adjacent room. This young man had two things going for him, a creative mind and an entrepreneurial mindset. This young man was determined to use his drive to successfully form a business that could thrive in this home town of Ocala, Florida. This young man was Dennis Gonzalez, with a little more than a one hundred dollar initial investment his dream began.

Dennis purchased a small graphics plotter, this machine is used to cut designs into adhesive vinyl that can later be applied to surfaces. The use of his new machine combined with his knowledge of Photoshop was all he needed to get things going. Dennis hit the ground running looking for business owners that needed anything his mind could create. Initially he found a great deal of success providing business cards throughout the Ocala area. As time progressed and business relationships formed the need for other services grew. Dennis quickly out grew the little desk in his home and leased a small storefront location in NE Ocala. This small location would become the birth of Loco Graphics, Inc. Dennis’s unique approach to helping business owners impact their customers was just what the community needed.

Loco Graphics would soon out grow its small 850 Sqft facility. In less than 3 years Dennis took his concept from a small desk to a multiple location company which would include; a production facility, a wrap studio, and a business store front to drive orders. This business model worked great and allowed the business to truly take off. Within 3 years the business would once again find itself in need of more space. In July of 2018 Loco Graphics would make its biggest move to date. Loco was going to take a massive leap and close all 3 facilities and place them all under one roof. Loco acquired a 10,000 sqft facility right in the heart of Ocala and set out to build a state of the are graphics marketing facility. The finished product would be a 3,500 sqft, contaminate free, LED lit, HVAC controlled, wrap studio, a 5,000 sqft production showroom, and 2500 sqft of office space and assembly areas.

Yes, we have truly came a long way from the small desk where the vision all began. We give all of the credit for our success to our loyal customers and the community of Ocala. Business owners put their trust in us each day to help them impact their customers. Loco Graphics understands that when it comes to marketing your company you have many choices and we are honored that you choose us. WE ARE LOCO GRAPHICS, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING YOUR TRUST IN US!